When that negative review rolls in, it can feel like a punch to the gut. Whether warranted or not, negative reviews can feel like a huge blow. The good news is that negative reviews present our businesses with a unique opportunity. Take this chance to improve your relationship with your customers by using these tips to turn your negative review into a positive opportunity.

Take A Breather

While negative reviews are bound to happen, this kind of feedback can be particularly painful and even spark some pretty negative emotions. It is important to take a moment to step back and give yourself some space. If this particular review was targeting your online reputation or felt especially personal, it can get under your skin. By taking a moment to step back and breathe for a moment, you can enter back into the situation with a clear mind.


Taking responsibility and being accountable for this experience is important in maintaining your image. Even if you disagree or the negative feedback seems unreasonable, it is useful to understand that regardless of how you feel, this reviewer had a negative experience. Taking responsibility and being accountable are easy ways to signal to your clients that you value them and care.


When responding, it is critical to take ownership, offer empathy and try to offer a solution to the problem, as this can be the best course of action. Offering to connect with them offline to find a solution, particularly when there is a lot of back and forth can be useful. It is also important to respond to positive reviews so that you can show you value both types of feedback.


Finding a resolution is key to unhappy reviews and can be a great way to boost your online reputation. By making amends and offering that in your public response can also signal to viewers that you want to remedy the issue. By offering a reasonable resolution that works for both your business and the consumer can be an important step.


Negative feedback is a useful tool for any company, as it provides insight into what you can improve upon. The reality is that your online reputation is not changed by one negative review, but can over time be influenced by numerous negative posts. Consider this as an opportunity to make improvements and build rapport with your clients over the long haul.

Negative reviews can be hard to read and difficult to maneuver. However, with a nuanced approach to receiving and responding to online feedback, you can improve your digital reach and create a better environment for both you and your client base.