There are numerous advantages to maintaining a solid credit score; you will find that it is key to many opportunities, from rentals to loans, investments to jobs. If your credit is sub-par, there are ways to improve and repair your score, too:

Get a Report

The first thing to do is to request a free credit report from one of the main credit reporting agencies. Next, review and scrutinize the credit report and know that errors do happen. Be prepared to contact creditors regarding the information that you dispute.

Avoid New Debt

Try to avoid obtaining new lines of credit or debts during this time. Even if you are not in arrears, these additional creditors – and the act of applying for credit- can impact your overall credit score unfavorably.

Auto-Pay when Possible

If you want to avoid late fees and make sure payments are on-time, set up reminders and auto-pay whenever possible. Plus, this relieves you of the work involved in paying monthly bills.

Pay Off Debts

Now is the time to pay down debts in order to restore your credit rating and earn back a few points on your FICO score. Many money strategists suggest paying off smaller debts first, referring to it as a ‘debt snowball’, which is a debt repayment strategy conceived by Dave Ramsey, money guru. This provides the payer with momentum and a sense of accomplishment, as they work toward paying the larger balances.

Start a Slush Fund

Called a slush or emergency fund, try to save a few dollars to tuck away in case of a crisis. This typically aims to cover a couple months of your household expenses but start small and save right away. This may also help to foster better spending habits over the long term.

Remember that everyone is eligible for a free credit report once per year from the primary credit reporting agencies in the US. These are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian; visit online to compare and contrast the information from these reports to begin repairing your credit today. Need a bit more assistance? Talk to the professionals at Star Capital USA to learn more.