When choosing content for you website, it’s best to first have a content strategy. Building content will consist of curating and compiling applicable content for your audience. Using existing content, you make it your own by sharing your views on the topics you’ve gathered. When your audience finds value in your content, they will engage with that content by sharing it around the web and on their social media accounts, which in turn will improve your rankings.

There are a variety of strategies you could use in your content creation. Here are some ideas:

  • Summary of Information: Some published information, such as in-depth research, data findings and studies are too long for the attention spans of everyone. Summarizing this information for your readers is providing a service in which you also have the opportunity to influence their takeaways.
  • Compiling lists: Gather content from the web to create lists of important trends, weekly or monthly. You can provide this information to your readers in the form of newsletters, podcasts and articles. You may even want to use all three.
  • Surveys: Surveys can provide valuable data and insight on the thoughts and experiences of a group of like-minded people as a whole.

Content creation takes time, so be sure to utilize tools that do the work for you. This can include RSS feed managers and tools that track visual and tex content, such as Pinterest and Flipboard. Once your content is gathered, you’re ready to promote it.

A vital part of your content strategy is promotion. Here are some promotion ideas to get you started.

  • Video: Because people are more likely to watch video than read an article, promoting your content through video is a smart strategy. Be creative to keep your audience engaged with who you are and what you offer.
  • Name Drop: Every industry has influencers. Reach out to those people for interviews, and then quote them in your content. 
  • Social Media Advertising: Social media platforms allow for easy targeted marketing. It’s also extremely affordable. 
  • Have a Newsletter: Newsletters allow you to share new content your followers and readers may have missed. 

Getting your content read is more important than the quantity of posts your create. It’s important to have a content strategy and follow it. Make sure your content offers value, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Sometimes you may need to utilize multiple platforms to get noticed. Above all, experiment and try new things. It takes time, but you’ll find out what works best for your industry.