As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and carry a lot of burdens for your budding business. Rest may be the farthest thing from your mind, but it’s vital to your success. When you constantly put in 16-hour days in your startup, it creates physical and mental stress. Your body can’t sustain that level of busyness without rest.

Rest Is More Than Getting Enough Sleep

For many entrepreneurs, rest is equated to sleep. Rest is giving your mind time down from your busyness or business. Rest is about play, relationships and self-care. Businesses, especially startups, often move at a frenetic pace. Rest is taking time to refresh your body and mind, to nurture connections with friends and family, and to evaluate your priorities. It’s making time for lunch, for a concert or a nap. It’s exercise and going to the doctor to protect your health. Rest includes eating healthy and fueling your body.

Change Your Attitude and Get Off the Work Treadmill

If you’re conditioned to work hard and be industrious, it might be hard to take a break and do something fun. It’s scientific that short breaks actually improve productivity. After about 50 hours of work each week, you aren’t as productive at your job. Regular rest improves your decision-making skills, restores your motivation and increases your creativity.

Work-Life Balance Changes

You need a good work-life balance as an entrepreneur. This balance may change over time. It’s not as easy as saying you’ll only work so much each day. You can’t take a vacation every six months to reset your mind and body. Taking regular breaks every week to rejuvenate yourself is a far better method of maintaining your well-being.

Make rest part of your priorities as an entrepreneur.

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