Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Use Email Marketing to Connect

Are you signed up for any newsletters or email notifications? Chances are there is at least one brand whose emails you look forward to — even if it just PayPal or your bank telling you the check cleared and your funds are available. Consider what makes emails valuable to you and incorporate that into your plan. Hiring a marketer for email marketing services can help you further narrow down the finer details for your business.

Internal Benefits

Email marketing goes beyond external reach and serves an internal purpose as well. It provides a sense of unity among employees and contract workers who may have never even met each other. It shares quarterly reports, announces the employee of the month and informs them of upcoming raises. These are emails that provide internal value and connect people.

email marketing campaign
email marketing strategy

External Benefits

Emails to customers are more often what people think about when email marketing comes to mind and is what marketers mostly focus on. Here are some of the benefits it brings to the table here:

  • Reminds customers of objects left in the cart
  • Gives customers a heads-up when subscription payments are almost due
  • Sends onboarding information and FAQs to help customers enjoy the product or service
  • Shares updates from the company that may prove useful to the customer, such as a new product

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