If you’re trying to work from home and finding it hard to manage your time, you may need to refocus your energy into setting good boundaries between work and your outside life. Here are some things to think about to be more productive when you work from home.

Have a Workspace 

Set a place where you work and can shut it out when work is over. Sometimes, when you work from home, it’s easy to let the lines blur. You get an email at 7:00 pm asking for information and answer it. If you do this occasionally, it wouldn’t be a problem, but a steady diet of invasions into your downtime affect your productivity.

Create To-Do Lists

You don’t need to have every second of your day/week ordered, but you should stay on top of your priorities with lists that help you get things done. There’s something helpful about crossing off items that make you feel productive. By rewriting your list every day or two, you can really focus on deadlines and prioritizing your tasks to make sure you’re not missing out.

Schedule in Breaks 

If you were at work, you’d get away from your desk to talk to a co-worker or eat lunch. Working from home doesn’t mean that you should sit at your desk eight hours straight. Get up and stretch each hour. Pet your cat. Eat lunch away from your laptop.

Say No 

Whether you work for yourself or have a manager, you may need to learn to say no to certain things. You can’t talk to your neighbor just because you work from home. You only have 40 hours of work each week (ideally) so don’t overschedule yourself. Learn how much you can actually handle each week and manage your time with clients or your boss.

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