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Every business has a story, and every capital problem deserves a fair chance at a capital solution.

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SBA Loans

Star Capital USA can process your SBA loan application quickly for working capital, equipment, and more.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Star Capital USA offers commercial real estate financing for property acquisitions, renovations, and large-scale construction.

Healthcare Financing

If you need working capital or equipment for your medical practice, contact Star Capital USA and ask about our healthcare financing solutions.

Commercial Finance Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique needs. To achieve their potential, they need access to capital whether they’re startups, mature companies or facing economic challenges. Star Capital USA has an extensive portfolio of commercial finance products designed to provide the essential funding that fuels your enterprise’s growth.

Business Loans, Leasing, Advances and More

Startups encounter cash flow and asset liquidity issues, while newer established businesses want to service large customer accounts without depleting their available cash. Businesses with large debt loads or recovering from bankruptcy must secure funding to survive and become healthy again.

We work with companies in a wide range of industries: manufacturers, wholesalers, medical practices, commercial real estate, restaurants, retailers and more. Our goal is always to connect your business with the best funding solutions available, even if you’ve been previously turned down by traditional banks or face other roadblocks to getting financed.

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